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3 Solid Tips On How To Market Your Vacation Rental


You would be forgiven for thinking that vacation renting or short-term lodging is something new which has only emerged and grown due to the internet. However, this form of renting has actually been around for hundreds of years. It is only the advances in travel, internet, and mobile technologies that have allowed it to develop at the rate that it has into the huge international industry that it is today.

In the main, it is how vacation properties are now able to be marketed that has made such a difference. In the past listings would be placed in local directories or at travel agencies that were not always accessible by a good chunk of the target audience. Nowadays though, property listings can be placed and found with ease on the internet whether you’re simply using your own website or some of the many excellent platforms that currently exist.

If you have made a move or are thinking of making a move into the vacation rental game, there are a number of tips that you should consider with the following three being the best of them in our opinion.

Use Listing Channels

There are literally dozens of different listing channels that you can use to get your vacation properties out there. This will range from the more well known such as HomeAway, Airbnb, and FlipKey that will allow you to list your properties internationally or more localized or niche specific channels such as Craigslist or SmokyMountains respectively.

You should be using as many of these as possible so that your vacation properties are found by as many potential customers as possible.

Use Pictures and Video to Showcase Your Vacation Rental Properties

It goes without saying that most of those looking for a vacation rental will want to have some idea of what it looks like before enquiring about it. Most listings will have at the very least some pictures that showcase them but if you wanted to push things a little further, you could even put together some short videos.

The latter will give off an even better feel for what your vacation properties look like and will also provide a better sense as to the size of the rooms that your property has.

Make Use of Vacation Rental Software

Another great piece of advice would be to choose vacation rental software such as Lodgify. This type of software will help you to create a website that will aid you in the marketing of your properties as well as give you a central location to manage their bookings and listings. Lodgify also gives out plenty of guidance and advice on how to market your vacation rental that alongside what we’re telling you, will ensure that your properties are always being booked by travelers.

By taking heed of the above tips and the plenty more that can be found online, you’ll be on the right path to having your vacation property marketed in such a way that will attract the regular bookings that you crave.

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