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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business


It is common wisdom that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing activities for businesses today. It’s widely considered to have the highest return on investment – and if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing, you’re behind. Market Week has estimated that marketing emails generate around £29 billion in retail sales annually. Don’t you want your business to have a slice of that pie?

If you’re still not convinced, here are some concrete ways in which your business can benefit from email marketing:

  1. Value for money

Remember that excellent ROI? In 2017, marketing emails were estimated to return an average of £32.38 for every £1 spent. Done right, email marketing can bring you a whole lot of revenue for minimal expense.

Plus, it makes sense that email marketing is cheap. You don’t need to pay for printing or materials or delivery costs. And it’s better for the environment! Win-win.

  1. Customer engagement

Yes, all marketing is intended for customer engagement. But email marketing is ideal for specifically targeting your existing customers. Everyone’s heard that old adage that it’s better to retain a loyal customer than secure a new one. Email marketing lets you show your appreciation to your loyal band of followers – and keep them sweet with special offers and promotions.

  1. Targeted marketing

It’s not just about targeting existing customers – why not break them down even further? What about fans of specific products, or people in certain areas or age ranges? Email marketing lets you get specific, and in doing so gives you a far better chance of running successful campaigns.

  1. Consumer psychology

Imagine you print out this season’s brochure and post it to all previous customers. You can’t control when it arrives, or in what condition. You can only hope it doesn’t get buried under takeaway menus and local flyers.

What if, instead, you could time your communications for when you have the greatest chance of a sale? A B2C company, for example, could time its marketing emails to arrive on the most common payday. Your customers are feeling flush with some rare spare cash – and your email slides into their inbox, complete with tempting promotions. Email marketing lets you play strategically to consumer psychology.

  1. Instant impact

You might know whether an email marketing campaign is successful within seconds. With a great template, you can take your customers from opening the email to clicking ‘Buy Now’ within minutes. Businesses sometimes experience an immediate boost in sales following an email marketing campaign, as their customers open the newsletter and click straight through to take advantage of the offers.

Digital marketing can be intimidating, especially for small or medium businesses that don’t have the financial clout or people-power of big corporations. But in fact, email marketing can help to even the playing field: a great email template at affordable prices can make the smallest of businesses look just as slick. Start with

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