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Dealing with Back Injuries After a Car Accident


After a car accident, you may feel sore in certain parts of your body. Back it is common to experience back pain after a collision. While some back injuries may resolve after days of rest, others can cause ongoing discomfort or lead to an inability to carry out everyday activity without pain. 

It is important to seek immediate medical attention after a car accident. Your doctor can evaluate injuries and refer you for follow-up care before your pain worsens. You may feel initially fine and won’t experience intense back pain until days or weeks later. When left untreated, a car accident-related injury can result in chronic pain that requires an orthopedic diagnosis and treatment. Because of the medical costs associated with an accident injury, you want to be compensated for your pain and losses. This is where a Portland car accident attorney can help you. 

An experienced attorney will assess your situation to determine if you have a claim. Then, they will figure out the value of your claim, considering the severity and nature of your accident and other factors.  

Common Causes of Back Injuries After a Car Crash

While your vehicle experiences an impact during a collision, your body moves continuously until something stops it. An airbag, seat belt, windshield, or steering wheel may suddenly stop your body’s movement. Sometimes, your body may stop as it hits the ground. Because of the violent motion, you can experience sprains, fractures, or serious injuries in the neck, back, and spinal cord. Although injuries are usually noticed in rear, head-on, and side-impact accidents, even a minor car accident can affect your mobility. 

How a Car Accident Affects Your Body Parts

A car accident can impact your lower back, upper back, and neck. Every area is composed of tissues, bones, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that extend from your neck to the pelvis. Any damage can to these components can lead to long-lasting consequences. The lumbar spine (lower back) is the one that commonly gets injured. Upper back injuries are less common because of their rigid structure. However, injuries in the upper back tend to be more serious because it connects to your ribs and chest region. When its vertebrae get damaged, your breathing will be affected. Also, it can cause nerve damage and chronic pain. 

After a collision, you must see a doctor or schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. This will help in ruling out possible issues and get the all-clear before you take part in activities that could worsen your injury. 

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