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Explore The Importance Of Using 9apps


Nowadays, people want to access to a lot of apps in their smart phones. They find it very interesting on some apps which they are not able to gain access. Some of the very useful apps which can help users use services which are banned in legal play stores can be found on websites or direct links. One such app is 9apps. 9apps is a distribution platform for various applications and games. Numerous applications which are not available on Google stores can be found on 9apps. Many fascinating games are only uploaded on 9apps and not on Google stores. After its emergence in 2013, 9apps has flown to different parts of the world. Countries like India, Indonesia, Russia, Middle East, Brazil are the major ones in using this app. Millions of people are using it daily and almost 25 million apps downloads are recorded on daily basis.

What makes people downloading 9apps?

9apps is China based software which draws attention to a large population around the world. The various features of the app are what make the people use it across the globe. The app can be used in different types of android devices. 9apps is so very useful and the following point’s answers why people use 9apps install so much.

  • Such a platform gets all the latest applications and games uploaded many times before they get into Google play store.
  • People get all the apps free of cost as 9apps is huge store and provides all the applications with no cost at all.
  • 9apps install often provides updates on its contents so that users get aware of all the latest software for android.
  • 9apps is a very compact app with size of just 2-3mb which does not affect the performance of the device.
  • It provides the full-on inspected reviews by highly qualified programmers and app developers to rate the app on scale for malicious content.
  • The very easy to use interface of 9apps and compatibility with all the android versions makes it use very smoothly on phone.
  • The application can run in 2g and 3g networks without any suffocating efforts. Good downloading speeds are taken care of through some better algorithms within the app.

How to install and use 9apps?

  1. Firstly Go to Phone settings and click on Security.
  2. Check on the option “accept applications from unknown sources”.
  • Now open the browser and go to and download the application.
  1. Now run the downloaded application saved in the downloads folder of your phone and install it with custom settings.
  2. After installation is complete, open and run the app and allow the permissions to be given and check for security options especially as the app is from unknown source.

For a tip, check “accept apps from unknown sources” ON only when you have to download app from 9apps and not all the time, as this can invite virus application to install automatically in your phone.

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