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General Insurance Plans 2018


General Insurance refers to the broader category of insurance plans which offer coverage for those needs which are not covered by life insurance products. These general insurance products are designed to help you protect yourself and the valuables you own from various financial risks that might arise from natural or man-made events such as theft, fire, natural calamities, medical emergencies, accidents, and international travel mishaps.

Some of the general insurance products even cover the costs of legal action against the policyholder.

Various types of general insurance covers available in India include-

-Vehicle/Motor Insurance

-Health Insurance

-Home Insurance

-Insurance of property against theft, fire, etc.

-Personal insurance covering travel, accidents, and health

While buying any of the above-mentioned general insurance products, you can choose the types of risks you want to cover as per individual needs and select the appropriate policy accordingly.

If you’re planning to buy general insurance for varied needs, then have a look at the best general insurance plans for 2018 discussed here.

Most Reliable General Insurance Plans

The vast general insurance landscape in India is difficult to navigate, making it hard to choose the right plan for individual needs. There are over 25 general insurance service providers available in India. A lot of policy buyers make the mistake of not evaluating and comparing various general insurance policies before making the final selection.

It is essential to do a detailed comparison of various options available so that you know the policy features, premium amount, etc., of different plans offered by the many service providers and make an informed decision. One of the essential things to consider while comparing plans is to see the coverage offered. For e.g., in case of health insurance, choose a plan that provides adequate health coverage and maximum amount for various treatments.

Additionally, it is recommended to buy general insurance policies online to make the process of purchasing easier. Buying your policy online will make you more aware of the existing options and decide what corresponds to your needs. Thus, the decision will be yours entirely, letting you take ownership truly and helping you keep track of the policy (premium due date, new features, etc.). This facility is erased when an agent helps you buy your policy instead.

Based on essential parameters such as coverage, benefits, features, premium, etc., three of the most reliable general insurance plans available in India include-

1. Max Bupa General Insurance Plans

Known for excellent features and comprehensive coverage, Max Bupa General Insurance Plans are the first choice of customers. The salient features of Max Bupa General Insurance Plans include-

  1. a) Excellent Claim Settlement procedure: With Max Bupa plans, you do not have to worry about the claim settlement procedure. The company processes all claims within a specific timeframe directly through the in-house dedicated claim settlement team without the involvement of any third party.
  2. b) The advantage of comprehensive cover: Max Bupa’s comprehensive general insurance plan is designed to fulfil specific needs with excellent products which offer wider coverage at affordable prices.
  3. c) Fulfil the needs of the entire family: Max Bupa General Insurance plans are customised and completely reliable to fulfil the needs of the entire family

2. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Plans

As one of the leading general insurance service providers of India, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance caters to the need of individuals across demographics with its massive range of products. Some of the reasons which make Bajaj Allianz General Insurance products reliable and trustworthy include-

  1. a) A number of customised general insurance products
  2. b) Quick and efficient claims handling process and excellent claim settlement ratio
  3. c) Digitally enabled processes and robust customer support 24/7

3. Bharti AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Bharti AXA is another renowned player in the general insurance category known for reliable and trustworthy products. The salient features of Bharti AXA general insurance plans include-

  1. a) Hassle-free claim settlement process
  2. b) Excellent customer support and claim assistance
  3. c) Features such as discounts on premium and huge coverage

Which Websites Offer the Best General Insurance Plans?

To begin your search for the right general insurance plan, find a suitable online forum to access and compare the features, offerings, and prices of available options from multiple service providers.

At, you can find the best general insurance plans across categories from a large number of insurance service providers to make an easy selection.

Insure Your Valuables Today!

Applying for a general insurance is a wise and practical decision for various individual needs. is an ideal place to access and compare a range of best general insurance plans from different service providers to choose across categories including health, travel, home, and various other types of insurance.

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