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How to Check Domain Authority with Contconcord?


Domain authority (DA) is one of the most important metrics for measuring a website’s overall online presence and marketing potential. But what is domain authority? And how can it be used to help your business? In this article, you’ll answer these questions and provide some tips on how you can use DA to improve your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

What Is Domain Authority?

The higher the DA score of a website, the greater its chances are of ranking well in SERPs. This makes sense when you think about it – Google wants to give its users the best possible search results so they keep coming back; websites with high domain authority will generally have better SEO rankings than those with lower scores.

How Can You Check a Website’s Domain Authority Score?

You can check your website’s DA score using tools like MozBar or Contconcord. Both of these tools are free to use and will give you an accurate reading of your site.


If you’re looking for a relatively simple way to check your website’s Domain Authority score, MozBar is a good option. This Chrome extension will show you the DA of any site that you visit, as well as other important metrics like Page Authority, Spam Score, and Links Covered. You can also use it to research competitor websites and see how they stack up against yours.


Another tool that you can use to check your website’s Domain Authority score is This Domain Authority Checker offers a variety of features beyond just domain authority checking, but its DA score metric is one of the most reliable available. It also includes data on social media shares and links from popular domains, giving you an in-depth look at your site’s overall link profile.

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