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Importing Products with the support of Buying Agents


The importers are the buyer who purchase the products from region other than businesses operating in home country. The buying agent deals with the entire phase of purchase and exclusive production of products, searching, identifying and selecting suppliers according to the specific demands of their customers. By delegating this purchase management system in trading activity, the buying Agent represents its customers, who release part of their time and save on costs and travel. It is the natural that a business or individuals proceeds to purchase a merchandise in a country other than the one that resides. The purchase of goods that cross the border of the country where the buyer resides is called import.

The services of buying agents consists of business intermediation between exporter and importer and seeks to find suppliers of products as per business interest to the importing company. In this case, the import transaction will be carried out by the final buyer and intermediary will receive commission on sales made or fixed fees. The purpose of this service is to capture and filter the information, as well as to promote the interest of final buyer and coordinate imports. In this aspect, the trading activities of the internet giants are increasing in the United States. In turn, it is also necessary to be more present in the economic transaction and ensure permanent technological development. Therefore, list of us importers and buying agents for the companies that are operating at digital marketplace to increase their sales and number of customers. The advantage of involving the buying agents include several benefits that coordinate origination activities with local suppliers and visit periodically the suppliers of great potential. Additionally, buying agents supports the exporting company and advise the employees on how to prepare the documentation accompanying the shipment of the product. This has supports for recognizing trends and monitor competition to evaluate specific market and identify the potential exporters.

Trade has evolved a lot in recent years and much of this is due to the emergence of e-commerce, which has broken down territorial barriers and made business more accessible and globalized. Marketplaces have taken on the role of real virtual malls and numerous suppliers with a multitude of products can now be found in one place. Within this new scenario, different countries products have become a real fever, not only by the ease of access in the international market, but by the lower price offered. Involving trade agent in international market based on commercial contract is carried out by a person outside the exporter company who promotes or markets their products in exchange for compensation, corresponding to a percentage of the value of negotiation. The role of agent is especially recommended when the company is not aware of the commercial culture that identify target market or aspects related to local commercial legislation and customs barriers, as a means of avoiding market research expenditures and possible disruptions in the export process.

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