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Leader of Issa Asad LLC and Others Make Appearances at Recent Cars, Art, and Caffeine Gathering


South Florida’s business community is notably tight-knit, and that is undoubtedly an advantage to those involved in it. Business, after all, often comes down to matters of networking and relationships, and taking part in the building of new connections is something that comes very naturally to the highly social residents of this part of the state.

That often means that important new friendships and acquaintances are made in the normal course of enjoying life in this sunny, beautiful part of the country. Just as often, though, it means that business leaders and those who aim at becoming them mix work with pleasure, making good use of some of the many special events in the area to come up with new ways of solving corporate problems and finding new clients.

At a recent Cars, Art, and Caffeine gathering in Fort Lauderdale, for example, a whole host of the region’s high-powered business leaders were in attendance. One of these was Issa Asad, present-day CEO of nationwide telecom company Q Link Wireless, a man with a long, productive history of south Florida business work.

Like several others in attendance, Asad got his start as an entrepreneur before working his way into the traditional world of well-established companies. Today, issa asad llc operations cover everything from telecom services to marketing book publication, a reflection of the accomplished businessman’s wide-ranging interests and undoubted energies.

At the Cars, Art, and Caffeine event, Asad and others, naturally enough, enjoyed the high-end vehicles and artwork on display. With everything from some classic American vehicular muscle to cutting-edge abstract art to see, all in attendance enjoyed sipping on the espresso drinks that were provided to guests.

Many also used the opportunity to freshen up existing business relationships and form entirely new ones. While there was no word as to whether any major new deals were finalized at the event, there can be little doubt but that there was plenty of lucrative talk and socializing going on. Even while they remain some of the country’s most ambitious, south Florida business leaders often have a special way of making their chosen career paths more fun than others could even hope.

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