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Looking For Faster Downloads, Try Vidmate For Android


Vidmate App is a multimedia platform for downloading various applications and is capable of downloading plenty of contents available on various websites. Simply ranging from TV shows to HD videos and popular music worldwide, you can easily download all from one single app. Apart from that Vidmate App is suitable over all android versions. It is more popular in a country like India because of the free services that it offers

What are the features of Vidmate App, the advantages that it serves?

Well,vidmate has got staggering features, and that’s been the prominent reason behind its popularity globally.

  • You can perform unlimited downloading from vidmate now since people nowadays prefer watching HDvideos and downloading numerous videos of their choice, Vidmate made it even more simple with its striking features and unlimited downloads.
  • It is not a time-consuming app and simply works on the principle of time-saving, provides faster download processing and is quite faster than tube mate
  • One of the salient features that it has got is that you can watch even live television shows where it serves live streaming of over 200 channels.
  • You can download videos from various social media platforms such as instagram, YouTube, face book and many more.
  • It has got standard formats for music downloading like MP3 format, apart from that downloads HD videos in 4k, 2k formats and many more.
  • Certainty is ensured to users in downloading various online contents. Updated Television shows are streamed in Vidmate.

Vidmate for android

is free from viruses and malware and is not harmful, but it cannot be directly downloaded from Google play store, it is not available there. You need to install vidmate in apk format through side loading. It’s a user-friendly app and is easy to navigate through.

Well apart from the various exciting services that vidmate provides, it has got some disadvantages also as every application is nearly a combination of its pros and cons. Following are the cons or disadvantages of vidmate.

What are the Cons of Vidmate App?

  • To enjoy faster downloading of HD videos and live streaming of various television shows you must have a stable internet connection as the application cannot work in offline mode.
  • You cannot download various music and videos from every social web as downloading many a time tends to be illegal from few places.
  • Except in faster downloads, it is almost similar to many other apps, and it’s downloading is a tedious process, since it’s not found in Google play store you need to get its link from 9 apps,thereby installing the first 9app and then the vidmate app. Here it can be easily depicted that the procedure tends to create boredom to users.
  • Since it is downloaded through side loading therefore many a time, it creates peril of data and the device system, many times it may be running in the background thereby consuming energy, increase in CPU temperature and sometimes the application hangs the phone which creates a bit of discomfort for the users.

At last, it can be concluded that Vidmatefor Android is an amazing application to be used and the prominent features that it possessesare appreciated by users all over globally.

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