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The Importance of Using a Spam Cleaning Solution


Email is one of the most important forms of communication in this day and age. It provides a paper trail and is used in many offices and organisations. Employees use emails to provide instructions, to place orders, and to deal with potential customers. However, a study published in the past few years revealed that spam mail is making life quite difficult for business owners in the modern age. Spam mail is basically email that contains pointless advertisements or even phishing software designed to take over your computer.

However, most spam mail mainly contains a bunch of links to websites selling random products, and it may also contain lewd pictures. Every morning, employees have to waste a considerable amount of their time finding and deleting spam mail from their inboxes. If your company is not using a decent firewall or a powerful mail cleaning solution, employees are going to have a hard time keeping their inboxes clean.

One of the best cleaning solutions that you can use is Mailcleaner. It is a fantastic tool that was designed for businesses and enterprises in mind. It offers a plethora of options that you don’t get with conventional mail cleaning solutions and is also very easy to set up on any kind of server. Here are a few reasons why you need to deploy a spam cleaning solution in your company’s offices.

Improves Productivity

According to a study, employees waste almost a half hour of their time regularly sifting through their inboxes and deleting the spam mail. Spam bots usually target entire networks, so if you have an enterprise email set up, everyone on the network is going to receive the same mail. However, if you have a powerful mail cleaning solution, it will filter all spam mail by redirecting it to a separate DNS. Companies that offer such solutions have their own servers through which the mail is routed, and if it’s detected as spam, it is stored in a separate quarantine folder. If employees don’t have to worry about spam mail every day, they will be able to get more work done in a shorter span of time.

Prevents Security Risks

If a spam email passes through your company’s firewall, it could wreak havoc on the entire network. These mails can contain cryptolocking tools, Trojan viruses, spyware, and computer viruses that could seriously compromise the integrity of the entire network. However, if you have a powerful spam cleaning solution installed on the network, you don’t have to worry about anything. The directories are updated with recent threats and all harmful mail is redirected to an entirely separate server, which means you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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