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The Many Benefits of Table Linen Hire


When running your own restaurant, you’ve two main choices when it comes to using linen, do you go with cloth, or do you opt for paper? Having the right type of table linen in your premises is vitally important, it sets the tone and helps to create ambience. The wrong choice of linen can have a negative impact on sales, here are just some of the many benefits of using cloth linen in your restaurant.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

One of the main reasons restaurant owners are choosing to ditch the paper linen and opt to hire cloth is because it is environmentally friendly. It can be used multiple times when properly cleaned, so it is a greener option which makes it better for the environment. If you elect to replace your paper table linen with cloth, you’re making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint. There is no need to constantly change your linen when it gets damaged, you can approach a tablecloth hire company and use top-quality linen that lasts for an extended period, rather than using disposable paper. You’ll save money on rental linen and you’re guaranteed a fresh, clean batch every time you order.


Covering your restaurant tables with clean linen helps both your staff and patrons avoid bacteria and other germs that are present in your premises. Fresh, clean linen acts as a barrier between a table and the client. It also allows your staff members to tend to their daily duties without encountering pathogens which may cause them to get sick. Having your tables covered with linen helps to drastically reduce the chances of bacterial transference. Your clients will feel more comfortable leaving their cutlery on spotless linen as opposed to an undressed table top.

Greater Visual Appeal

It’s not only important to serve food that looks great, the condition of your restaurant, especially your tables also play an essential part in the whole eating experience. You don’t think a customer is going to sit down at a table with stained linen and enjoy their food when it is served? The moment they arrive they’ll take note of their surroundings, you’ll be lucky if your patrons are still there if you offer them a seat at a table covered with substandard linen.


When it comes to designing and presenting your restaurant tables, cloth is a far better option than paper. There aren’t many ways to fold a paper napkin, you just can’t get as many shapes as a cloth napkin. Cloth can be transformed into all kinds of stylish shapes, these can make your tables look highly presentable and trendy. You can also change the folds every day, creating something new and exciting for your guests.

Some of the points discussed above are only a small sample of the many benefits associated with using table linen in your restaurant. It can be hired in all sorts of colours and designs, helping your premises to look more exclusive and clean. Patrons remember a restaurant that takes extra steps to ensure the best dining experience.

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