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CV Writing Tips


Writing a CV can seem like quite a daunting task, however if you are following a clear and coherent structure, there is no reason for it to be another harder than preparing a cup of coffee or getting dressed in the morning. Writing a CV requires large amounts of diligence since this document serves as your personal advertisement to showcase why you deserve a position more than someone else. In order to help what may seem as a challenging exercise, it is often recommended to use a CV Creator that will provide numerous useful tools and experience to provide a second opinion and avoid costly mistakes.

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5 Tips

Tailor your CV to the job description you are applying for. Whilst it may seem lengthy to repeat this process for every job application you make, it will significantly increase your chances. For example, the odds of getting a job will be greater on 10 personalised and customised CV’s rather than sending a single CV to 100 different job positions. Quality matters and make that point come through when writing.

Secondly, avoid leaving any large gaps unattended on a CV, as this leaves the impression that you do not know what to write about yourself or you feel you are not qualified enough to apply for this role. Make sure you utilise every inch you can on an A4 page, with an emphasis on quality not quantity!

Additionally, as a student you may say you have little relevant experience for the position you are applying to or have barely started your studies around the topic of interest. If so, think outside the box, utilise your hobbies and passions to make your point come across. The ability to demonstrate a skill in a different environment and linking it back to the position you want will only make a recruiter want to pick up the phone even quicker!

Furthermore, when writing a CV it can be very tempting to start telling lies to make your CV better and appeal to a wider audience. This is a very dangerous method to get a job as you most likely get caught at some point in the process or even if you do get the job, it will very quickly become apparent that you lack the skills and competencies you claimed you had.

Finally, and most important of all, make sure to proofread your CV time and time again, as it is the single biggest killer to any job aspirations if you are unable to provide a document without any basic spelling or grammatical mistakes. It thus makes it very easy for a recruiter to eliminate your CV if he spots such mistakes.

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