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Earnings On FX – Reality Or Fantasy


I will begin with a brief excursion into history. It all started with the moment when in 1971, US President Richard Nixon decided that the US government refuses to convert the dollar into gold (ie refuses to gold standard).

This decision was the emergence of a new economic direction, which subsequently became known as the foreign exchange trading. In currency trading exchange rate is completely dependent on market supply and demand on a particular currency, rather than from the equivalent of currency in gold.

It turns out that Forex – foreign exchange market is the interbank market at a price level which depend only on supply and demand. Each bank has its modern division of traders to trade the Forex. Currency turnover in the Forex market each day is $ 4 trillion.

A lot of people, inspired by what he saw ads on TV or the Internet, decided to try his hand as a trader in Forex, started trading without proper knowledge.

Forex trading without prior preparation can be compared only with the lottery! According to statistics, only 10% of traders in the black. That is, out of 100 traders, only 10 receive earnings on Forex.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about earnings in the Forex. You can trade both independently and with advisers.

If you are interested in Forex trading and you want to work and earn income is as a trader, you will have a very hard way to find materials and textbooks on the Internet, analyze forecasts of specialists, for example, forex euro dollar forecastand trade on demo account. But as they say, the main thing – the desire and hard work.

Forex Exchange Hours

Forex works round the clock on weekdays. Bidding starts at 2 pm (Moscow time.) The night from Sunday to Monday and ends in the morning on Friday. The trading session is divided into time – Asian (from 2 am), the European (10 h), the US (16 hours). Bidding at the same time does not stop, but it can be sluggish, indeterminate movement between sessions. Looking ahead – trade better when the market is “woken up”, ie when it is sufficiently mobile and have a pronounced direction.

But in the Forex market, you can earn not only trading but also attracting customers. If you have your own resource or a website, you can join an affiliate program and earn forex.

Forex Affiliate Program today are very popular on the Internet, as they allow people to make money by attracting additional customers on forex. Depending on the conditions of the affiliate program and the number of clients involved, you can receive up to $ 20 to attract customers to 1 month! Partner remuneration is not limited, so try to attract as many people as possible.

If you are interested in just such a way to earn money – look at the conditions of the affiliate program FreshForex.

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