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5 ways to keep your office space tidy

Clutter can make any professional want to scream. From piles here to piles there… yes, we are not talking about your home! Cluttered and unorganised office space will likely leave you feeling depressed, frustrated, and uninspired. Don’t let your cluttered office space hinder your ability to get your work done. For starters, put everything in the storage boxes before you decide what to keep and what to throw away. Clean and organised office space can help you feel productive and energised. If you want to keep your office space clean, but just can’t, we are here to help.

Before we begin, we just want you to understand that a de-cluttered office space can result in a more productive, fulfilling professional life.

If you are struggling to keep your office space tidy, here are the proven ways you can implement to keep your workplace organised. If you need motivation or encouragement read this – “A disorganised workspace implies a disorganised person or a disorganised mind, someone who can’t handle the pressure.”

#1 Start with the Desk

The very first thing you should consider about organising is your workstation. Bring in some storage boxes and clear the space completely. Before you start, label the storage boxes accordingly such as ‘stationery,’ ‘files,’ ‘electronics,’ etc. This will help you prevent mixing up everything. Storage boxes are a great way to de-clutter your office desk. They help you to analyse each piece – what’s necessary and what’s not, that you will reintroduce to your desk.

Wipe clean the desk with a damp cloth including the drawers. Also, you can treat the desk drawers for cockroaches and other insects harbouring inside.

Once you remove every single item from the desk and clean it properly, it will leave yourself room to visualise the desk, as it should be to help you keep productive.

Now, it is time to toss the clutter. Don’t place the items from the storage boxes on the desk, not yet. This phase is about tossing the trash and clearing the clutter.

While you go through each item in the storage boxes, ask yourself if you need it on your desk or not. All the unnecessary items should be removed from the area or thrown away. Avoid bringing back things that have no purpose.

Now it is time to put everything back. Create a configuration; consider how you work on your desk. Sit in your chair and stare at your empty desk. Visualise where you want to reintroduce the items.

The rule of thumb is to use items that are of daily use such as office stationery, computers, and files. Reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Most importantly, keep a small trashcan close to your office desk.

#2 Have a Sophisticated Décor

When you have a pleasant and sophisticated office décor, you, including other staff and employees, will be more inclined to want to keep the workplace neat and tidy. For instance, plants are one of the best ways to get your workplace a more tasteful look. In fact, they are the best thing to have at your desk. A few office plants will brighten up the look of the workplace and hence encourage the employees and staff to keep on top of your everyday office organisation. Artificial plants are also a great option if you think that taking care of live plants is not possible in your workplace. Whatever the case, having a tasteful office décor will make everyone working feel responsible for keeping it intact. Hence, they will ensure that no clutter is formed that will compromise the look of the workplace.

Things like plants can be kept on the desks or on the floor. Other decorative items that motivate the staff can also be included.

#3 Toss Trash Immediately

Trash piling up will only make your workplace look like trash. The key to keep your office space tidy is to keep the trashcans clear. Ensure that yesterday’s trash is not piling up with today’s trash. Never leave trash sitting as it becomes distracting clutter that will lead to everybody losing their rhythm at work. It is a challenging feat to achieve. This is the reason why offices across the UK have begun recruiting manager/organisers within their own staff to keep up with the daily management that your workplace needs to stay prolific. It will enable your staff to organise the workplace in the best possible way to suit their unique requirements. Keeping things arranged in the workplace is a constant struggle. Not everyone shares excellent organisation skills; therefore, it is challenging to keep things organised when not everyone is committed to it.

However, people who excel in office organisation often enjoy coming up with clever and new ways to organise a working space effectively. Inclusion of such people in your staff will help you organise and maintain the tidiness of your office space.

#4 Centralise and Digitise

Lack of centralisation leads to cluttered physical and digital workplaces. Sorting through an abundance of files/documents and retrieving them is a struggle for many and results in tons of wasted time every day. This is the reason why you are advised to centralise your documents, files, and other vital forms of paperwork in one place – ideally digitally. Technology can help when used correctly. It can save you from the feeling of being overwhelmed because of the sense of information overload.

Learn how you can integrate cloud-based technology and associated tools in your professional life. Technology will always be at your hand, so it makes sense to store and organise information and data in real-time and on the go.

#5 Let the Cleaning Company Handle all the Mess

Hiring a good cleaning contractor will help you maintain clean and tidy office space. They will assign you their staff who will come to the office every day or as per your requirements to keep on top of your necessary cleaning tasks. Their jobs may include removing rubbish, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc.

Final Words

A clean and tidy office is a more sanitary office. It keeps you and the staff healthy and highly productive.

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How to Plan an Office Removal

Office relocations are incredibly difficult to plan, especially if you don’t plan them out properly. There are many things that you should know about relocating an office, especially if you have to move all of the furniture and electrical equipment, as well. With so many furniture items in the office, you will need to start preparing for the removal well in advance. There are many companies that offer office removal and relocation services. If you have to relocate your company’s offices, there are many things that you need to know. Some of the things you need to prepare for include:

  • Packing electrical equipment properly
  • Renting moving vans
  • Setting a timeline for the move

It’s important that you hire a company that offers experienced office removals in Sheffield. The nature of office removals is very different from house removals, so it’s important that you hire a company that specialises in this field. Here are some other things that you should know about office removals.

Discuss Your Requirements

The first thing you need to do is to contact an office removals company, and then discuss your requirements with them. The company will give you a better idea of how long it would take to pack and move everything, so you can prepare accordingly.

Set a Budget

You can also ask the company about their budget and then make your decision. It’s important that you ask different moving companies for quotes before you make your decision. This will help you move within a specified budget.

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Ensuring That Your Small Business Thrives

There is little doubt that doing business in the 21st century can be a tough proposition. Global and national economic vulnerability, combined with rapid technological changes, have seen to it that many small businesses are struggling. It’s not all bad news, though. The fact is that many technological developments have made certain things a lot easier for small business owners. Taking advantage of these technological tools can provide any small business with a sharp edge.

Communication: The Heart of All Business

In so many crucial ways, good communication is at the very heart of all business success. Good communication between business leaders and staff, between colleagues, and between customer and business is the key to a lot of business success. Indeed, some of the most useful apps for small businesses revolve specifically around improving and enhancing communication at multiple levels.

Given how mobile so many employees and businesses are in today’s environment, any software application that enhances communication in this context is extremely valuable. In fact, applications that are based in the cloud are ideal for many small businesses looking to not only improve their communications but also remain competitive with larger businesses. This is where technology can level the playing field and provide a valuable edge.

Where Do Messaging Services Fit in?

As valuable as many cloud-based applications are, there are also a number of implementations of communications technology that can help every small business move to the next level. One of the biggest hurdles facing any small business is growing at a rate that is sustainable. Indeed, early levels of success can place so much pressure on the business to invest in new technology and staff that it cripples them financially.

One of the best ways to handle any unexpected growth is to invest in a virtual receptionist and messaging service. By providing answering and messaging services through an experienced third party, a business gains the following benefits:

  • Scalability: Scaling to meet customer demand can be very difficult for new and small businesses. By hiring a virtual receptionist to answer calls and take messages in a professional manner, one can grow at a rate that is sustainable without having to endure too much pressure.
  • Perception: When a friendly and professional virtual receptionist answers the phone, customers and clients have their calls answered promptly. This level of service contributes positively to the perception of the business brand as a whole and allows it to grow further.
  • Flexibility: It is inevitable that staff will go on both planned and unplanned leave. This can seriously affect the productivity of the small business that can ill afford those staff to be absent. A virtual receptionist offers the business the flexibility to cover these staff absences.

Communication is at the heart of every business and it makes good sense to invest in systems that enhance and improve levels of communication between staff and between the business and its customers.

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Work-From-Home Business Opportunity: Deciding If Direct Marketing Is Right For You

The lure of the work-from-home business opportunity is an attractive one. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss and maintain a flexible work schedule? Direct marketing opportunities are plentiful. They promise flexibility, unlimited earning potential and the chance to be your own boss. The question is: do they really deliver? Before you jump into a work-from-home business opportunity, consider these facts:

Tens of thousands of Americans are currently working from home in a direct marketing business. Many of them are making a good living. Far fewer are actually becoming wealthy.

This type of business can only be done partially from home. The sales aspect must, for the most part, take place outside the home. That’s why it’s called “direct” marketing.

Direct marketing companies typically draw in new recruits with the offer of making easy money from the comfort of home. This sometimes creates false expectations. Those who join one of these companies should expect to spend some time working outside the home. The most successful marketers spend an average of 20 hours per week outside of home. The idea that you can simply stay home and generate an income is typically untrue. A realistic picture of a work-from-home business opportunity is balanced between in-home and out-of-home efforts.

New recruits are also dazzled by the idea of unlimited income potential. This concept isn’t entirely false. However, very few people become rich from direct marketing. Only a few make a livable wage. Many more generate a satisfactory supplemental income to a day job or a partner’s earnings.

What most direct marketing companies neglect to share with recruits is their failure rate. An estimated 25 percent of recruits drop out within the first year. The biggest reason is disappointment. They simply can’t generate the big profits that lured them in. They frequently underestimate how much time actually needs to be spent outside the home. Sometimes they realize that they simply don’t have the knack for it. Often, the cost of generating business eats up all the profits.

How, then, do you decide if you will be one of the 75 percent who can succeed beyond the first year? Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Am I willing and able to spend several hours per week away from home? If the answer is no, this type of business isn’t for you. There’s no such thing as easy money. Direct marketing requires you to spend time with clients away from home. Usually, you must hold shows and demonstrations. Participation in trade shows, forums and sales meetings is frequently encouraged and may even be mandatory. Working entirely from home is likely impossible.

2. Do I have a knack for sales? Many people who find success in this business would not necessarily consider themselves salespeople. Some even surprise themselves with their ability to make money without being exceptionally gifted at selling. However, public speaking and cold calls are part and parcel with direct marketing. If this scares you into a frenzied panic, you may not be cut out for sales.

3. How much money do I realistically want or need to earn? As previously mentioned, some people make big profits. Usually, though, it takes months or years to generate that kind of money regularly. Most never earn enough to live off of. If you expect to make a fortune right off the bat, you may be disappointed. Direct marketing can, however, be a great part-time or supplemental income. With practice and time, you may eventually find your earnings increasing.

Dominic Boykin of Work from Home Based Business is an internet marketer working with top leaders in the home business and internet marketing industry. To get started with your own home based business so that you can make money online visit: Work-From-Home Business Opportunity.
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How To Choose A Work From Home Business

But there are also a lot of excellent and successful work from home business opportunities, which offer real and good income chances. All this means that a newbie must take the time and make the necessary researches in order to find out the affiliate program, which will fit for him.

A newbie makes it wise, if he starts the selection process by thinking and listing the things, where he is good at. It is very important to have a clear opinion of own strenghts as a work from home marketer. And here: be honest, it is a must.

Go back to your school days, think about your experiences in the football team, when you were a scout etc. and think what kind of people or things you liked. Try to recall what other people said about you, where you had the best numbers at school.

Or if you have a work history, try to illustrate your work, what it required and how you handled that? What you feeled was your strongest area? Honestly. Did you like advertising, writing, socializing, numbers, technical things, customer service? Was politeness one of your strengths?

Now try to figure out your work from home business owner profile. You should be able to answer at least to: what kind of products or service to pick, what promotion way is most probably your choice? What jobs you are not willing to do? Despite the fact that you are a newbie and need a lot of knowledge and guidance, the more you draw a map about the starting principles, the better.

You must also see your work from home business among the competitors. What will be your specialty? It must be based on your strenghts, be a natural part of your behaviour. Then it works. Do not fool yourself.

The specialty you choose can be almost whatever, which has meaning to your customers: good service, personal contacts, good support, content site with rich content, a site with the latest communications tools, like video etc. It is only important that you can run it and understand it.

Then one important warning. After you have done everything above and are ready to start promoting your site, ask yourself, do I understand enough about the internet marketing in order to be able to run those expensive promotions. Again, be honest. You need more knowledge and training, I am sure!

I mean, there is a danger that by rushing into promotions, without a proper knowledge, you just loose your money and, this is worst, your motivation. It can even kill your work from home business before it has even started.

I strongly recommend to choose a proven, high reputation affiliate program, which has all you need to start. The main reason for this recommendation is that this choice lowers your risk down to zero and you will learn how to market in the Net.

Later you can expand to other areas, add your own affiliate programs or extra products, but as a starting business, the affiliate program is excellent.

And when you will start to promote, start little by little. I know from my own experience how anxcious I was to invest a lot in AdWords etc. Without really knowing how to write the ad and what was the right landing page.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Now I Invite You To Take A Look At My Site To Find Hundreds Of Articles And Useful, Free Tools For Your Own Work From Home Business.
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A brief history of international courier services

Postal services were the original international couriers and are as old as recorded history. It is quite interesting to imagine the correlation. While the cave paintings and inscriptions on stone are a form of recorded history, the real records are in illustrated documentation of some notable people of different eras. Postal services may have contributed to the preservation and circulation of such records or accounts.

It is difficult to trace back to the exact origins of postal / courier services in the world since we can go back to the beginning of recorded history. It is not like the present day when you have a record of every time you have used an international courier service to deliver an urgent international order. In the ancient times, it was expensive, daunting and time consuming. It is amazing to consider that now we are able to send a parcel to Dubai in only one day, considering how long it would have taken before air travel.

Here is a brief history of world postal services and how we have evolved:

  • The first organized postal service was Cursus publicus. It was owned by the Roman Empire and entirely paid for from the state coffers. It was also the transportation service established by Augustus. Fifteen centuries later, Emperor Maximilian I set up the Franz von Taxis to operate under the the Holy Roman Empire. A hundred years later, Henry VIII set up Master of the Posts. This was transformed into Royal Male by Charles I, circa 1635. This was also the year when Royal Mail could be used and accessed by the general public. The postage charges were to be paid by the recipient.
  • Postal services spread out of the European empires after they started establishing colonies in the New World and in Asia. The first postal service established in a colony was in Boston. A few years later, circa 1660, General Post Office was set up in England. In 1675, the first private postal service was founded and set up in Bern, Switzerland.
  • Through the eighteenth century, postal services evolved in France, the United States and India among other countries, although most were still English colonies or that of France, Portugal or Spain. As railways became more widespread and started connecting the length and breadth of various countries, postal services evolved further. The first train with mails treaded from Britain to Ireland in 1830. The rest as they say is history.
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Your Small Business Shall Be Successful Together With the Actual Proper Guidance

If you are someone who has your personal enterprise, you are aware that your competition can be quite challenging to cope with. It appears to be as though it is a really challenging business community so you should be able to keep up if you don’t wish to get out of business. Due to this, you certainly want to visit this amazing site for you to browse the chatmeter. You are likely to be surprised with how advantageous it might be to employ a female to help your company to achieve success.

Many individuals can confirm that the actual Chatmeter platform method is actually likely to work well as it is about to motivate an attractive shop. Clients are likely to notice if you have a beautiful outlet. They are also about to pay close attention to all of the designs to the rooms and anything else these people see when they approach indoors. Of course, the web site for your personal business should also be spectacular. Go to this amazing site now to learn more about what you can do to get going with checking up on additional business people in this extremely aggressive environment. People are seeking for organizations much like the one you have. Learn more today.