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Three Music Genres to Increase Your Focus


Music enriches people’s lives by inspiring creativity, positivity and movement. An essential element to most entertainment and cultural expression, music is unique and personal to every individual. Perhaps you associate certain songs with your most defining life moments and have preferred genres for your every mood. However, the value of a melody goes beyond entertainment and atmosphere. Here are three specific ways music can help you overcome some of life’s most severe challenges:

1. It Helps You Learn and Focus

Classical, ambient, and instrumental music styles have improved memory, cognition, and recall for people in professional and academic settings. Studies show that music places us in a state of relaxed, extended concentration. Choosing lower volume music without distracting lyrics provides the best results for improving focus and learning comprehension. An increased ability to focus also improves overall functioning in relationships, jobs, and other activities.

2. It Provides Substance Abuse Disorder Therapy

Musicares Chair Emeritus and entertainment law expert John Branca knows how music can transform the lives of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse recovery is one of the most difficult challenges a person may face in their lifetime. When applied in a therapeutic session by a trained professional, music therapy helps recovering addicts cope with the emotional adjustment of sobriety while inspiring introspection, personal growth, and improved social functioning.

3. It Combats Depression and Anxiety

Research has shown that ambient, relaxing music provides calming, meditative benefits by reducing stress hormones and boosting mood. Whether it is encouraging social interaction or soothing a premature baby, there is no question that music can quell loneliness and provide emotional comfort. Music intervention also encourages pleasure and emotional expression for those recovering from traumatic life events.

Music inspires creativity and combats boredom, but it can also help save your life by facilitating learning, fighting addiction, and improving your overall sense of wellbeing.

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