Three Music Genres to Increase Your Focus

Music enriches people’s lives by inspiring creativity, positivity and movement. An essential element to most entertainment and cultural expression, music is unique and personal to every individual. Perhaps you associate certain songs with your most defining life moments and have preferred genres for your every mood. However, the value of a melody goes beyond entertainment and atmosphere. Here are three specific ways music can help you overcome some of life’s most severe challenges:

1. It Helps You Learn and Focus

Classical, ambient, and instrumental music styles have improved memory, cognition, and recall for people in professional and academic settings. Studies show that music places us in a state of relaxed, extended concentration. Choosing lower volume music without distracting lyrics provides the best results for improving focus and learning comprehension. An increased ability to focus also improves overall functioning in relationships, jobs, and other activities.

2. It Provides Substance Abuse Disorder Therapy

Musicares Chair Emeritus and entertainment law expert John Branca knows how music can transform the lives of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse recovery is one of the most difficult challenges a person may face in their lifetime. When applied in a therapeutic session by a trained professional, music therapy helps recovering addicts cope with the emotional adjustment of sobriety while inspiring introspection, personal growth, and improved social functioning.

3. It Combats Depression and Anxiety

Research has shown that ambient, relaxing music provides calming, meditative benefits by reducing stress hormones and boosting mood. Whether it is encouraging social interaction or soothing a premature baby, there is no question that music can quell loneliness and provide emotional comfort. Music intervention also encourages pleasure and emotional expression for those recovering from traumatic life events.

Music inspires creativity and combats boredom, but it can also help save your life by facilitating learning, fighting addiction, and improving your overall sense of wellbeing.


Working From Home is The Best Employment

Wearing whatever you want to, sipping into any drink you like and not having to have the people pleaser attitude, while you work, sounds like daydream to anybody who will hear it. But the most pleasant part is that, all of this is achievable if you work from home.

Working from home may seem like a pleasant idea, but a lot of people might wonder whether the pay scale will remain the same if they work from the comfort of their home. What you fail to recognize is that whether or not your work from home, the deadlines to submit your work usually remain the same, and if that is flexible, then you are ahead in that sphere as well. You get to earn the same and perhaps more if you run a few more side jobs, but you also get to stay in the comfort of your home and tend to homely activities which you might have ignored previously.

Benefits of working from home

Your office can be any kind

You can probably work from your home if you work even a bit. But this not implying that you have to have filled a corner of the living room with a work desk, a big monitor, and a probable ugly rolling chair. You can fit your office wherever it fits in your life. There are several people who simply turn their kitchen into a work space and work from their while also cooking meals.

You can save money easily

Once you start working, you will see an immediate difference in your bank statement when you don’t have the costs of commuting. You can also find savings in other areas while working from home. You will not have to force yourself into a formal outfit and polished and poised shoes anymore if that was never your style, and no more separate wardrobes for work and for the other things you do will be a compulsion under any circumstance. And you will also be able to save on food costs since you can easily make your own lunch and coffee if you work from home, because there will be no need of buying food anymore for anything.

Your schedule will be made by you

A lot of the work that is done on a tight schedule nowadays will also be done on a flexible schedule easily. For example, if you are a website creator or a content creator, you will most likely be able to do your coding or writing work whenever it suits you as long as you meet your deadlines for the place you work for. If you are a night owl, you can still put in your eight hours without starting at 8 AM, and work at your own pace without any interruption.

Legal issues can arise in employment even while you are working from home, and for the same, a proper and best Las Vegas Employment Law Attorney will be able to help you get out of your problematic scenario. These lawyers can help with any complex scene with your employment, even if it is work from home.


The best Platforms for Writing Now

The platforms and distribution channels for which writers work usually include a mix of print media, such as newspapers and magazines, and various online editions, including web magazines, websites, and web stores. Copywriters are especially valuable in internet marketing, especially if they have focused on search engine optimization (SEO) in addition to writing good content.

How do you become a freelance writer?

Some copywriters play a role in the profession, others first have thorough training. There are many ways to get started as a freelance copywriter, editor or copywriter. Many prospective writers first follow a relevant HBO or university education, focused on language, media or communication. Or they get their copywriter diploma from the journalism course. An important part of these studies consists of internships and extensive practical assignments with various clients.

Like other self-employed people, freelance writers are required to register in the national trade register, such as in the Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce. All activities carried out are also legally taxed. For paper help you can have the best choices available.

Develop yourself as a professional writer

You can also start writing as a freelancer without a relevant background. For example, it’s all about a lot of experience, drive and passion for the profession. This can be gained by carrying out and publishing writing activities on your own initiative or through remunerated or unpaid internships at publishers or companies. In this way, starting copywriters automatically build up a portfolio with sample articles. New clients then quickly get a good impression of the style and quality of their work.

Dealing with new media

Apart from the fact that copywriters have good language and writing skills, they are often very experienced in publishing for online media. Many writers can compile highly effective online content, including the necessary SEO. Most also master the basics of HTML and image editing packages, and they work with various content management systems on a daily basis.

Rates of freelancers

Writers who work for print and online media are generally paid per word. They also often work with hourly rates, or the freelancer calculates a total amount per assignment. If additional work is added, for example for photography, image editing or DTP, then that will also be charged. Every freelancer determines his own rate.

When it comes to writing large assignments, we sometimes also work with a high starting amount for setting up the job and a lower rate for the following hours. The nature of the assignment can also be a reason for differences in price. For example, a copywriter can charge extra costs or hours for doing research.

Working with freelance copywriters

Many companies are experiencing a fluctuating demand for content and often they do not have enough writers to handle this properly. For this reason, both large and small companies engage freelance writers. They can use these flexibly when assignments or writing projects are on.

Small Business

5 ways to keep your office space tidy

Clutter can make any professional want to scream. From piles here to piles there… yes, we are not talking about your home! Cluttered and unorganised office space will likely leave you feeling depressed, frustrated, and uninspired. Don’t let your cluttered office space hinder your ability to get your work done. For starters, put everything in the storage boxes before you decide what to keep and what to throw away. Clean and organised office space can help you feel productive and energised. If you want to keep your office space clean, but just can’t, we are here to help.

Before we begin, we just want you to understand that a de-cluttered office space can result in a more productive, fulfilling professional life.

If you are struggling to keep your office space tidy, here are the proven ways you can implement to keep your workplace organised. If you need motivation or encouragement read this – “A disorganised workspace implies a disorganised person or a disorganised mind, someone who can’t handle the pressure.”

#1 Start with the Desk

The very first thing you should consider about organising is your workstation. Bring in some storage boxes and clear the space completely. Before you start, label the storage boxes accordingly such as ‘stationery,’ ‘files,’ ‘electronics,’ etc. This will help you prevent mixing up everything. Storage boxes are a great way to de-clutter your office desk. They help you to analyse each piece – what’s necessary and what’s not, that you will reintroduce to your desk.

Wipe clean the desk with a damp cloth including the drawers. Also, you can treat the desk drawers for cockroaches and other insects harbouring inside.

Once you remove every single item from the desk and clean it properly, it will leave yourself room to visualise the desk, as it should be to help you keep productive.

Now, it is time to toss the clutter. Don’t place the items from the storage boxes on the desk, not yet. This phase is about tossing the trash and clearing the clutter.

While you go through each item in the storage boxes, ask yourself if you need it on your desk or not. All the unnecessary items should be removed from the area or thrown away. Avoid bringing back things that have no purpose.

Now it is time to put everything back. Create a configuration; consider how you work on your desk. Sit in your chair and stare at your empty desk. Visualise where you want to reintroduce the items.

The rule of thumb is to use items that are of daily use such as office stationery, computers, and files. Reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Most importantly, keep a small trashcan close to your office desk.

#2 Have a Sophisticated Décor

When you have a pleasant and sophisticated office décor, you, including other staff and employees, will be more inclined to want to keep the workplace neat and tidy. For instance, plants are one of the best ways to get your workplace a more tasteful look. In fact, they are the best thing to have at your desk. A few office plants will brighten up the look of the workplace and hence encourage the employees and staff to keep on top of your everyday office organisation. Artificial plants are also a great option if you think that taking care of live plants is not possible in your workplace. Whatever the case, having a tasteful office décor will make everyone working feel responsible for keeping it intact. Hence, they will ensure that no clutter is formed that will compromise the look of the workplace.

Things like plants can be kept on the desks or on the floor. Other decorative items that motivate the staff can also be included.

#3 Toss Trash Immediately

Trash piling up will only make your workplace look like trash. The key to keep your office space tidy is to keep the trashcans clear. Ensure that yesterday’s trash is not piling up with today’s trash. Never leave trash sitting as it becomes distracting clutter that will lead to everybody losing their rhythm at work. It is a challenging feat to achieve. This is the reason why offices across the UK have begun recruiting manager/organisers within their own staff to keep up with the daily management that your workplace needs to stay prolific. It will enable your staff to organise the workplace in the best possible way to suit their unique requirements. Keeping things arranged in the workplace is a constant struggle. Not everyone shares excellent organisation skills; therefore, it is challenging to keep things organised when not everyone is committed to it.

However, people who excel in office organisation often enjoy coming up with clever and new ways to organise a working space effectively. Inclusion of such people in your staff will help you organise and maintain the tidiness of your office space.

#4 Centralise and Digitise

Lack of centralisation leads to cluttered physical and digital workplaces. Sorting through an abundance of files/documents and retrieving them is a struggle for many and results in tons of wasted time every day. This is the reason why you are advised to centralise your documents, files, and other vital forms of paperwork in one place – ideally digitally. Technology can help when used correctly. It can save you from the feeling of being overwhelmed because of the sense of information overload.

Learn how you can integrate cloud-based technology and associated tools in your professional life. Technology will always be at your hand, so it makes sense to store and organise information and data in real-time and on the go.

#5 Let the Cleaning Company Handle all the Mess

Hiring a good cleaning contractor will help you maintain clean and tidy office space. They will assign you their staff who will come to the office every day or as per your requirements to keep on top of your necessary cleaning tasks. Their jobs may include removing rubbish, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc.

Final Words

A clean and tidy office is a more sanitary office. It keeps you and the staff healthy and highly productive.


Index mutual funds – The common man’s investment fund

There is no need that everyone has the same level of experience and knowledge in the mutual fund investment. But it doesn’t mean that the people with minimal knowledge have to keep a distance from investing in mutual funds. There are different types of mutual funds designed to attract everyone in the society. If you are the one with very limited knowledge of the mutual fund market operation, then here is the best fund to invest for you.

Index mutual funds

In simple words, index mutual funds are the funds with the portfolio developed to track or match the components of the market index. These funds just follow their benchmark index irrespective of the state of markets. These funds provide low portfolio turnover and have low operating expenses. Since these funds track market index, they are less risky when compared with other funds. There is no need to have rich market knowledge and experience to invest and is the reason why this index fund can be said as the common man’s investment fund.

Tips to select the best funds

There are several index fund providers in the market with varied expected rate of returns. Hence basic knowledge about how to select the best fund will help you lot. Here are the tips for you.

Shortlist the funds

There several online portals to give the listing of the top index funds in the country along with relevant information. As said above, these funds don’t give values to the market situation and track only the market index. So, shortlist the funds and select the fund which has better performance and minimum tracking errors.

Risk tolerance

There is no doubt that index funds are less risky and less prone to volatility. Still, it is a good idea to get a portfolio with a mix of actively managed funds and index funds to keep the risks at rock bottom level and enjoy better returns.

Get professional help

This is another important tip to select the best index funds. If you lack sufficient knowledge on selecting the right fund, there is nothing wrong in getting professional help or service from a reputed online portal. It helps you with sufficient information and listing of the leading funds to enhance your knowledge.

Make use of blogs

Read mutual fund blogs whenever you get free time. This is one of the best and free ways to enhance your knowledge of different mutual funds. This knowledge helps you compare different funds and to select the best funds like index funds that better suit your investment goals.

Make your investment

Now you know why index funds are said to be the right one for you and how to select the best fund in the market. Now it is so easy for you to make your investment on index mutual funds from wherever you are. Be free from the hassles of paperwork and submit your KYC online with a reputed online mutual fund platform.

Index funds bring you low-cost and efficient ways to gain exposure to the mutual fund market. Make use of it and get the returns you want.

Online Business

Effective Ways to Retain and Attract More Online Customers

Starting an online store is a bit overwhelming because of the technology and the competition. To succeed, you should always put the customers first. Remember you have two goals here – retain old customers and attract new ones. Of course, this sounds easier said than done.

Retaining and attracting new customers for your online store may be a challenge and time-consuming. However, you can make this process easier. Here are effective ways to retain and attract more customers:

Plan promotions
Who does not love promos and discounts? There are many ways you can plan promotions or discounts – you just need to be creative. When it comes to giving discounts, you should try Brand Bucks or other loyalty cards. These cards can help retain existing customers because they can save on online purchases. Aside from loyalty cards, you can also distribute discount coupons.

This is particularly beneficial for new clients because it will stimulate them to make their first purchase. Another thing you can consider is free shipping. You already know that many customers are discouraged to make online purchases because it entails shipping fee. There are many stores that offer free shipping for a minimum amount. Customers will surely be stimulated to make more purchases.

Create a digitally pleasant store
The next thing you should evaluate is the appearance of your website. Bear in mind that the web design of an online store is crucial. If it is unpleasant, the customers will exit right away. If you want to make a good impression, you should invest in a digitally pleasant store.

Your website is the representation of how you do business. For this reason, it should be digitally pleasant and professional. More importantly, the customers will see a digitally pleasant store as reliable and trustworthy.

Capitalise on your social media presence
There is a free channel that can help you with promoting your products or services for free – social media. It will be a waste not to capilitise on social media (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to promote your products and services.

The key here is providing outstanding content. The people will follow you if you are interesting. You should start by posting regularly – on a daily basis so customers are constantly reminded of your presence. Aside from that, you should also use graphics or images when you post to get more engagement from your customers.

Invest in good customer care
If you invest in good customer care, your previous customers and even the new ones will always remember you. Keep in mind that there is no better promotion than happy and satisfied clients. With this, you have to ensure that their buying experience is remarkable.

This also means that you reply to all the comments, queries and even feedbacks of the customers as soon as possible. If you reply late, it will reflect badly on you. Good customer care will let the customers feel valued and appreciated.

As you can see, you do not need millions to retain and attract clients. The most important thing here is to be creative. Another key here is to learn how to utilise the proper channels. It can help if you have the right attitude as well.


Useful Tips To Choose Safety Barriers For Construction Sites

Construction is perhaps one of the most continuous works going on in almost every part of the world. You would see some type of construction almost everywhere you go. If you are someone involved in the construction of any type in any capacity, you must be aware of different important aspects of installing the safety barriers for the construction sites. Installing barriers with consulting professionals like Verge safety barriers is one of the best options for your construction, but you should be aware of the importance of proper installation of safety barriers according to the type of construction, duration of the construction work, and more importantly the location of the construction. Here are a few useful tips to choose and install the right kind of safety barriers for construction sites.

Go with barriers according to the location

If you want to install the safety barriers for long period, opting for the solid steel barriers is the best thing, not only for the safety of passerby people and workers but for the longevity and reliability of barriers as well. Choosing the right one is one of the most important works you need to do. If you want to install the barriers at the sharp turns on roads, it is good to go for the soft barriers, as they are more likely to absorb the impact if any unfortunate incident like a crash happens.

Check the strength and durability

Always check the strength and durability of barriers well in advance. If you have to use a lot of heavy vehicles and equipment, durability and strength become even more important. Carelessness and ignorance with durability and strength can cause a lot of high-cost damages and accidents. If possible, even try to consult a couple of experts from the concerned company to analyze the strength and durability of the barriers.

Keep the balance between your budget and protection

Make sure you get the best out of the barriers you are opting for construction sites. Spending a lot of money doesn’t mean that you will get the best of barriers. There is no need to break your wallet to get so-called top-class safety barriers. Keep a proper balance between your budget and the protection. Spending wisely and spending sleazily are two different things. You can’t compromise on the safety and protection to save your money. Using the right safety barriers will help you to manage the balance between your budget and most importantly the protection.

Go for easy to install barriers

It depends on the type of construction site or workplace. Always opt for the barriers that are easy to install as well as to remove. It will save a lot of time as well as efforts. If the construction site is accident prone, give priority to the solid barriers over the soft ones, as they are easy to install and doesn’t require support materials like wires or posts.

When it is about construction, safety and protection measures become very crucial. And safety barriers are a very important part of any construction. Follow these very simple yet useful tips to avoid any unfortunate incident. Stay happy and stay safe.


How Do I Use Cryptocurrency Software While Overseas?

One of the main problems with having a cryptocurrency wallet that is tied to a software company such as Coinbase is the limited access to your wallet while on holiday or on business in another country.

Coinbase crypto what countries are supported?

Some people don’t get an issue, but it is because they are accessing their wallet while in an unrestricted country. Another issue with cryptocurrencies is privacy. If you are abroad, then it is likely you will be using your hotel’s internet connection or connecting via routers in cafes and other public areas.

With a large number of reported fraud cases in regard to digital currencies, it comes as no surprise that a connection being opened in order to log on to a crypto wallet may grab the attention of any malicious intruders on the same internet router you are using.

Therefore, there are two main issues here. Firstly, not being able to connect to your crypto wallet because the country you are in had been blocked, and secondly the fact that you are not connecting to your bitcoin wallet from a safe and secure environment that you 100% know to be trustworthy.

How Can I Protect My Privacy When Accessing My Crypto Wallet?

You need to ask yourself this question. VPN service what is it? There are plenty of VPN software services out there that you can use to connect to your crypto wallet via a trusted source. The idea of the VPN service is to give you multiple servers to choose from and to connect to using a VPN tunnel.

Once you are connected to the VPN server, all your internet traffic will take a one-way path through the VPN tunnel from your device. The tunnel is an encrypted connection from your device to a VPN server. When you request to log on to your crypto wallet, the request is sent to the VPN server, which will then open up the log in screen to your crypto wallet on behalf of your device.

Therefore, if anyone was sniffing for packets and data on the internet router you are using, they will not know that you have made a request to connect to the cryptocurrency wallet. The same applies to any other websites that you visit using the VPN software.

In essence, if you had multiple websites open, the router will show this to anyone that has access to it, but via the VPN software, it will show only one connection has been activated, which is your encrypted VPN tunnel. Any attempt to hack into this tunnel is going to be close to impossible for any intruders on the network to get into because of the high level of encryption.

One of the beauties about this VPN connection is the multi-country options that will be presented to you. If you know that you can only open your crypto wallet in EU countries such as the UK, then you would go ahead and choose a VPN server in the UK when establishing a connection via the VPN software.


Civil Engineering Companies Offer a Lot More Services Than You Think

Many of us own our own homes and businesses and there always comes a time when we want to or we need to make some changes. They may be changes that are forced upon us or changes that we want to make for the god of the home or the business.

  • Examples of work that we would like to get down would include most groundworks, drainage and excavations. If you decide to construct a new building or base, you really need to call in the experts to make sure that the job is done safely and correctly. For work like this you need to use a civil engineering company in Skipton.
  • There are so many things that these civil engineering companies can do for you and they are very well qualified for. They can put in your driveway to your home or business to give the right first impression to your potential customers and they can pull up the old driveway for you as well.
  • For around the home, these firms can do your landscaping and they bring many years of experience to the job and also new ideas for your garden. Patios are also popular around homes and businesses and they can create these for you as well. A beautiful garden pond or some other water feature is a beautiful addition to any property and they can design those for you as well.

Give your local civil engineering company a call today and see what they can do for you.


5 Ways Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

It is common wisdom that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing activities for businesses today. It’s widely considered to have the highest return on investment – and if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing, you’re behind. Market Week has estimated that marketing emails generate around £29 billion in retail sales annually. Don’t you want your business to have a slice of that pie?

If you’re still not convinced, here are some concrete ways in which your business can benefit from email marketing:

  1. Value for money

Remember that excellent ROI? In 2017, marketing emails were estimated to return an average of £32.38 for every £1 spent. Done right, email marketing can bring you a whole lot of revenue for minimal expense.

Plus, it makes sense that email marketing is cheap. You don’t need to pay for printing or materials or delivery costs. And it’s better for the environment! Win-win.

  1. Customer engagement

Yes, all marketing is intended for customer engagement. But email marketing is ideal for specifically targeting your existing customers. Everyone’s heard that old adage that it’s better to retain a loyal customer than secure a new one. Email marketing lets you show your appreciation to your loyal band of followers – and keep them sweet with special offers and promotions.

  1. Targeted marketing

It’s not just about targeting existing customers – why not break them down even further? What about fans of specific products, or people in certain areas or age ranges? Email marketing lets you get specific, and in doing so gives you a far better chance of running successful campaigns.

  1. Consumer psychology

Imagine you print out this season’s brochure and post it to all previous customers. You can’t control when it arrives, or in what condition. You can only hope it doesn’t get buried under takeaway menus and local flyers.

What if, instead, you could time your communications for when you have the greatest chance of a sale? A B2C company, for example, could time its marketing emails to arrive on the most common payday. Your customers are feeling flush with some rare spare cash – and your email slides into their inbox, complete with tempting promotions. Email marketing lets you play strategically to consumer psychology.

  1. Instant impact

You might know whether an email marketing campaign is successful within seconds. With a great template, you can take your customers from opening the email to clicking ‘Buy Now’ within minutes. Businesses sometimes experience an immediate boost in sales following an email marketing campaign, as their customers open the newsletter and click straight through to take advantage of the offers.

Digital marketing can be intimidating, especially for small or medium businesses that don’t have the financial clout or people-power of big corporations. But in fact, email marketing can help to even the playing field: a great email template at affordable prices can make the smallest of businesses look just as slick. Start with